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'Home Decor' with a Spanish Accent, Cabo, Mexico


Who we are

Casa Bonita Home Décor opened in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur in 2008.  Marsha & Jorge Flores opened their first store in 1998 at the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri.  The original furniture and home decor store remains in Stover, MO.  Serving Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo as well as the rest of the Baja with a 5000-square foot showroom boasting a beautiful selection of in stock furniture and home décor.


Our Style

Home Decor with a Spanish Accent. Our collection of furniture and décor features the work of designers and skillful artisans in what has become a modern version of the Spanish and Mediterranean style. The result is a refreshed style that is rustic, warm and inviting; but is also sophisticated and elegant, capable of meeting the highest standards of home interior design.


The collection exploits the natural beauty of materials, as seen in the rich vibrant colors of forged copper after being fired and hammered repeatedly; in the texture of the tree bark paper as it is displayed on a wall frame; or in the solid and substantial character of the distressed wood used on a dining table.


Another characteristic of this modern Spanish Style is the vast incorporation of new products, materials and ideas from a wide base of artists and backgrounds. Innovative and striking products, such as a glowing lamp fixture, made solely out of Onyx Stone, that exposes its multicolor natural patterns; or pottery that is painted with such a technique that resembles urns and vases naturally aged by time; are common examples of this evolving style.


The creation of every piece involves intensive and direct work in shaping whole materials into tables, candle holders, vases and many other truly pieces of art, used to furnish or accent a home. While no two pieces are the same due to the highly artistic and manual labor, their quality is guaranteed to perform remarkably. In fact, these pieces are made to last for a very long time, since they are built with solid materials such as wrought iron, marble and whole wood.