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Design Tip - Space

Casa Bonita Staff
Decor Tips
Dec 15, 2018

Balance is important in a space.  Avoid placing all the large pieces on the same side of the room.  If you have a large piece of furniture on one wall you may want to consider hanging a large piece of art or a collection of smaller object together opposite it, to create visual balance.

Not all sofas should be up against a wall.  Don’t be afraid to float furniture in the center of a space.  You can anchor the collection together with an area rug.

Color is an important part of any environment.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Use accessories and paint to define your space.  It is the most cost effective way for a room makeover.  If you’re not in a position to buy new furniture, some beautiful pillows, pots, flowers or a new lamp may be just the facelift your room needs.  

Play in your space.   Move things around, experiment.  It is your space, it should reflect you.  For a calming affect use soft colors and avoid clutter.

Casa Bonita Staff

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