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Take a Peek at the Origins of Our Wooden Furniture

Casa Bonita Staff
Furniture Design
Dec 17, 2018

The pieces of wooden furniture that we sell at Casa Bonita Home Décor have a very interesting background, coming from states such as Michoacán, Jalisco and Puebla. These areas are full of little towns that are rich in traditional and colonial constructions.  Two of these states, Jalisco and Michoacán, are home to one of the major pre-Columbian civilizations of Mesoamerica: the Purépechas. This group of indigenous people was known for their T-shaped step pyramids, vibrant-colored clothing, and sophisticated culture. Descendants from this great civilization still reside in these two states, speak the Purépecha language, and carry on with their ancestors’ many customs and traditions.

Back to the furniture aspect- what is so special about the furniture made in these regions?  The interesting characteristic of most furniture from these areas is that it’s made from recycled wood.  The majority of buildings in these towns have wooden roofs underneath clay shingles.  As the buildings age, so does the wood.  But instead of throwing away the seemingly“useless” wood, Mexican craftsmen rescue this aged wood from old barns and abandoned buildings to create furniture! The wood is taken through a process of treatment and refurbishment to bring back its natural color and beauty.

Not only does the use of recycled wood create a more rustic look in the furniture, but it also helps the environment by recycling a natural resource that would otherwise be disposed of, and by refraining from cutting down new trees. Casa Bonita Home Décor is proud to offer this “eco-friendly”furniture, which is not only beautiful and unique, but also has a very interesting historical background.  

Casa Bonita Staff

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